Alpine Saskatchewan is the provincial sport governing body that promotes competitive and noncompetitive downhill skiing in the province.  Alpine Saskatchewan governs the conduct of alpine skiing competitions and selects and trains members of the provincial alpine teams to represent Saskatchewan in competition outside the province.  The organization also provides guidance, information and assistance to association clubs in respect of these objectives and in the development of programs for competitive and noncompetitive skiing.


Alpine Saskatchewan is pleased to support the Nancy Greene Ski League, a national “entry level” program whose basic aim is to introduce and develop basic ski and ski racing skills for 5 to 13 year olds in an environment that emphasizes fun, teamwork and team spirit. Some Saskatchewan clubs are now also offering a parallel snowboarding program. Skills are learned through a structured progressive program of exercises, games and free skiing. Skill acquisition is evaluated by progression through an eight level skill awards program (separate ones for skiing and snowboarding) and rewarded by pins for each level completed.  Although the emphasis of the Nancy Greene Program is skill development, there is the opportunity to participate in team races against other clubs from the province.


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